Program Overview

Sino-American CHEPD 1+2+1 Program

In order to better prepare internationally oriented professionals, China Educational Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), China Center for International Educational Exchange(CCIEE) and American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) jointly initiated the Sino - American 1+2+1 Dual-Degree Program in March, 2001, which is based on the process of credit and degree recognition between Chinese and American universities. Since 2001, the mutual exchange has replaced the one way communication, the undergraduates exchange program has extended to graduates exchange, foreigners studying in China, visiting scholars, executives training etc., participating university number has developed from 7(3 Chinese universities and 4 American universities) to 172 (130 Chinese universities and 42 American universities) and more than 5800 students have participated in the program. This program has successfully set a new pattern for Sino - American higher education cooperation and exchanges, and has been contributing towards Sino - American People to People Exchange. The program currently serves as one of the most important platforms for Sino - American higher education cooperation, since it lasts for the longest period, involves in the largest number of universities and the broadest cooperation fields. In order to serve the students and the participating colleges and universities, the English name of this program was changed into “Sino - American Cooperation on Higher Education and Professional Development, CHEPD”. The program was honorably included in the accomplishment list of 7th round U.S.-China high level consultation on People to People Exchange in June, 2016, and was consecutively included into the First Round U.S.-China Social and Cultural Dialogue in September, 2017.


We aim at preparing international-oriented professionals and promoting Sino - American People to People Exchange through university credit and degree recognition, two-way exchange of students and faculty members, and courses and disciplines articulation between Chinese and American universities.


Sino - American People-to-People Exchanges

By holding Sino - American university presidents’ forums and supporting university president visits, we encourage Chinese and American universities to make greater contribution to People to People Exchange under the high-level consultation mechanism framework of Sino - American People to People Exchange.

Credit and Degree Recognition

In order to pave the way for Sino - American cooperation on higher education and build a bridge to train international talents, we promote credit and degree recognition between Chinese and American universities for the participating 1+2+1 program.

Undergraduate/Graduate Students Transfer Program

Undergraduate Transfer Program: Chinese students who complete their freshmen year in one of the Chinese partner universities are selected to complete their sophomore and junior years at one of the United States partner universities. They return to China to finish their senior year at the Chinese partner university. Students completing all requirements of the program will be granted diplomas and bachelor's degrees from both Chinese and American universities.

Graduate Transfer Program: First-year graduate students are selected from Chinese universities to spend two or three academic semesters studying at the AASCU member universities in the United States. They return to their Chinese universities for the last academic year. Qualified students will be granted diplomas and masters’ degrees from both Chinese and U.S. universities.

YES Program: Students spend one academic year or one academic semester at American partner universities and transfer their credits back to their home universities when they return. Students completing all requirements at Chinese universities will be granted bachelor’s or master’s degrees in China.

Faculty Exchange

We organize the visiting scholar program, short-term exchange program, methodology training class, faculty training program for faculties, instructors and administrative personnel from Chinese partner universities for the purpose of mutual understanding and collaboration enhancement, internationalized faculty team building and talents cultivation.

University Administrators Program

We organize exchange visits between Chinese and American universities as well as sponsor round table meetings and seminars on credit and grading systems. Through the process of discussing management systems between teaching faculties, the administrators’ professional level and administrative abilities can be improved.

Courses and Disciplines Articulation

To organize university teaching faculties from China and U.S. to enact and implement the undergraduate teaching plans, to cooperate to analyze the construction of degree programs and curriculum, so as to promote the internationalization of university degree programs and curriculum, and to improve the education quality.